// Privacy Policy

Kate Presnell Bodyworks (KPB) is covered by the Australian Privacy Principles (APPs), as set out in the Privacy Act 1988 (as amended). The APPs govern the way that we collect, use, disclose, secure and provide access to personal information. 

To comply with our obligations under the APPs, KPB has this Privacy Policy, which sets out how we manage privacy in our organisation. 

KPB will review this policy from time to time, to update and continually improve our processes. If this policy is amended at any time, the updated version will be posted on our website at www.presnellbodyworks.com.au

KPB takes its obligations under the Privacy Act 1988 (as amended) seriously. We have privacy obligations to our customers and to the public who use the services provided by the Company. 

KPB does not collect personal information unless it is necessary. We only collect personal information by means that are lawful, fair and unobtrusive. When practicable, personal information will only be collected from the individual concerned. 

The type of information that KPB collects about you will depend on the nature of the service provided. When you contact KPB, you may provide us with any of the following types of personal information:  

  • Name 
  • Date of birth 
  • Address 
  • Email address 
  • Telephone and facsimile number 
  • Credit card and other bank details 
  • Occupation, position or job title 
  • Details of memberships of trades associations 
  • Vehicle Make, Model, VIN, Registration and 

Information may be collected when you visit our website to book an estimate, or when you follow an email link from us to fill our short surveys.  

KPB will only use or disclose your personal information for the primary purpose of collection, or a related purpose, or where we are required or permitted to do so by law or where you have provided consent. 

In addition, KPB uses your information when advising you about our products and services, or upcoming events at KPB 

KPB will not provide your personal information to any other organisation for marketing purposes without your consent and will not disclose your personal information to any overseas organisations. 

KPB will not use any distinctive photos of you or your property unless you have signed and returned an Information Release Form and/or Photo Release Form.  

With your consent, KPB may use or disclose your information to: 

  • Outsourced service providers including but not limited to printing houses and mail-out services, billing and debt recovery services, financial institutions and information technology services 
  • Professional advisors such as lawyers, accountants and auditors 
  • Government authorities as required or authorised by law, and 
  • Related Motor Trades Associations in other Australian States. 


  • Use photographs of you or your property without your name and any other identifying factors, for any lawful purpose, including but not inclusive to, publicity, illustration, marketing, advertising and Web content. 
  • Understand your responsibilities under the Privacy Act 
  • Only collect personal information that you actually need. Don’t collect personal information just because it may become necessary or useful at a later date. If you need it later, you can collect it then 
  • Ensure the individual has consented to the use or disclosure of their private information, or photos of their vehicle, by signing an Information Release Form 
  • Any hard copy documents must be disposed of in a secure manner after scanning, such as shredding  
  • Ensure personal, confidential or sensitive information is secure and protected within the workplace 
  • Customer information should not be left on desks (implement a clean desk policy) to ensure that unauthorised access to the information does not occur​ 

KPB will endeavor to ensure that the personal information we hold about you is complete, accurate and up to date. In order to assist us to achieve this, it is important that you advise Kate Presnell Bodyworks (KPB) when your details change. 


KPB may store your information in hard copy or electronic format, in storage facilities that we own and operate ourselves, or that are owned and operated by our service providers. KPB will take all reasonable steps to protect personal information from loss, misuse, or unauthorised access. 

Some of the steps KPB has taken to protect the security of your personal information include: 

  • Computer and network security including passwords and other electronic barriers 
  • Physical restrictions on access to personal information such as security doors 
  • Policies for destroying or permanently de-identifying personal information no longer required (subject to legal requirements for retaining certain records), and 
  • Secure internal information handling processes. 

You have a right to access and correct personal information that we hold about you. 

Access may involve permitting you to inspect or take notes or make photocopies of your personal information. To obtain access you will have to provide proof of your identity. This is necessary so that KPB can ensure that your personal information is not disclosed to any other person. 

In some circumstances, KPB may not be able to provide access to your personal information. If this occurs, we will provide you with a written explanation. Requests for access to your personal information should be made in  

writing to the Kate Presnell Bodyworks (KPB) Privacy Officer. There is generally no fee for access to personal information. However, in some cases a reasonable fee may be charged in order to recover costs if information has to be retrieved from archives or a large quantity of information has been requested. 

KPB will respond to all requests for access within 14 days. 

If you have any concerns about the way your personal information has been managed by KPB, please contact Kate Presnell via the below: 

Email: kate@presnellbodyworks.com  

If you believe that KPB has breached the APPs, you may make a complaint to the OAIC via: 

Email: foi@oaic.gov.au  

Post: GPO Box 5288, Sydney, NSW, 2001 

Phone: 1300 363 992 (Mon–Thurs, 10am–4pm AEST/AEDT) 

Or via an online enquiry: https://forms.business.gov.au/smartforms/landing.htm?formCode=APC_ENQ  

All complaints will be investigated within 14 days of receiving your complaint. If the Company has not handled your personal information in a way that is consistent with the APPs, then we will take steps to remedy this immediately. 

If you have any concerns about the way your complaint is being handled, you may contact the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner by email at enquiries@oaic.gov.au or telephone on: 1300 363 992