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We are one of the few locally owned automotive repairers in Launceston with 40+ years of skills, experience and knowledge in the automotive industry. By choosing us, you are choosing attentive and personal customer service. We take all that we can into our own hands (after an accident) to help alleviate your stress, always providing you with exceptional customer service. You are not just a number to us, you are a priority.

Our company policy doesn’t allow us to provide our customers with verbal vehicle estimations due to the complexity of a vehicle repairs. Please allow up to 48 hours to receive your vehicles estimate. This allows us time to collate the necessary information and prices required for your vehicles repair.

Yes. During the repair process, additional damage may be discovered that was not visible at the time of your vehicles estimate. In the event that Kate Presnell Bodyworks technicians discover the need for repairs outside of those listed in your original estimate, work on the vehicle will cease, and written notification of required repairs will be sent to you.

Kate Presnell Bodyworks will not perform any repairs outside of those listed in your estimate without prior written authorization from you. If you are cash settled by your Insurer for your vehicles repairs, it is important that you have considered the chance of unforeseen damage being identified. If additional damage is identified, this may result in hundreds to thousands of dollars’ worth of extra costs, which the insurer may not be obligated to pay you.

If you can, please give us a call before you come in. This allows us to allocate the Estimator the appropriate time to do your vehicles estimate.

The Estimator can give you an estimated time frame for repairs at your estimate appointment, however this time frame is largely dependent on part delays and any unforeseen damage.

Your vehicles booking dates are also dependent on the arrival of your vehicles parts for repair. We cannot provide you with accurate booking dates until we know the arrival times of these parts.

All outstanding excess amounts are to be paid to us, and cleared into our account, before we can release your vehicle after its repairs.

Yes. We offer our private customers offsite vehicle estimates at their residences for a $110 fee. This fee is fully refundable if you decide to have your vehicle repaired with us. We also offer remote vehicle estimating across North East Tasmania. Keep up to date on where our next remote vehicle estimating day will be held at on our Facebook Page!

If you’re insured, your insurer can organise to have your vehicle towed to us at no cost to you. If you are a private customer and have notified us that you wish to have your vehicle towed to our premises, you will be required to organise and cover the costs of having your vehicle towed to us.

Yes! We have 3 loan cars available to choose from: • 2020 Automatic Mazda 3 Hatchback • 2015 Automatic Mazda 2 Hatchback • 2016 Manual Single Cab Toyota Hilux All vehicles are $60.00 per day Our loan vehicles tend to book out quickly, so make sure you enquire about them when booking in for your repairs!

Our professional technicians will return your vehicle to you in its pre-repair state. Focusing on a dust free interior, limited paint fumes and washed exterior. We also provide a full detailing service such as a cut polish of your vehicle and can sublet more extensive interior cleaning services.

If your vehicle is undrivable, prior arrangements can be made to have your vehicle towed and stored on our premises until your vehicle is repaired by calling us on (03) 6331 2727.

No. Our opening hours are from 6:00am to 5:30pm Monday to Thursday.

CLOSED: Fridays and Public Holidays.

A paint code can generally be found on your vehicles identification plate. If not, we can use the manufacturers name, the cars model number and the year the car was manufactured and use this to search for the code on the manufacturers Web sites. The most common way we check for the vehicles paint is by using a paint spectrophotometer.

No. If the panel of your vehicle is damaged, especially by a sharp object, the metal is stretched and won’t go back to its original shape without requiring shrinking or metal forming, which will damage your vehicles paint. Which means, the dent will require more than just pulling it out to rectify its damage.

This is completely up to you and will depend on what it is you want from your insurance policy. We recommend that you ensure your policy entitles you to a choice of repairer, not a choice of the insurers list of preferred repairers. Remember, it’s your vehicle and you should choose where you have it repaired!

You will need to review your Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) to clarify whether your policy entitles you to a choice of repairer. If you are unsure what youre entitled to after an accident and need some expert advice, we’re here to help you. Call us on (03) 6331 2727 and one of our friendly Team Members will help you discover your entitlements.

Making an insurance claim can be a daunting task. From ensuring you have the right information, completing the forms correctly and understanding what the process is. At claim time, having an insurance broker to help navigate the path is a great benefit. Remember, an insurance broker works hard to get you the outcomes that your policy entitles you to, such as, a loan vehicle when you are not at fault after an accident.

Insurance brokers are experts in their field. It is the job of an insurance broker to know the details of what is included and excluded in your policy. With a good insurance broker, you can trust that all confusing aspects can be easily deciphered and understood.