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We understand that collision repair can be a stressful event for many.
The inconvenience of being without your vehicle, understanding insurance claim processes and interpreting insurance Product Disclosure Statements (PDS), along with potential hidden costs. This is at the forefront of our mind and our intention is to assist our customers to alleviate this stress.

Part of our stress reduction techniques is offering complimentary loan vehicles, ensuring that your daily routine is not disrupted, pick up and drop off of your vehicle in the Launceston area, one on one consults from our experienced administrative team and proactive and timely communication throughout the entire repair process.

With a highly regarded reputation in the community, we have earned respect for our genuine and ethical conduct through the way we interact with our customers, community and stakeholders.

What we do does not happen by mistake. Details matter. We believe in making a major difference through slow, unnoticed increments, resulting in a level of excellence that sets us apart.

At Kate Presnell Bodyworks, what we do is not a coincidence; it is a deliberate pursuit of excellence.

Kate Presnell
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Kate Presnell

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Vehicle Overview

Oddometer Reading

Vehicle Identification Plate

A vehicle identification number (VIN) is a 17 characters and is essentially your car’s fingerprint as no two can be the same. The VIN displays the vehicles unique features, specifications and manufacturer details.

“Your VIN plate can be found under the bonnet in the engine bay or on the front door pillars on either the driver or passenger sides”.

Important Notes

Images must be taken from all angles at the same level as the damage.

Please include clear & close up images of the damage area and all badges & decals.

If more information or an onsite inspection is needed, one of our estimators will be in contact ASAP.

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11-13 Gleadow St, Invermay,
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11-13 Gleadow St, Invermay,
Tasmania, Australia, 7248